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2021/05 - Neil Howard Stages Rally (0 images) - created by Adge on 26/07/2021 at 13:55:27
Round 3 of the Motorsport News Circuit Rally championship was at Oulton Park. This time Adrian had Lauren Hewitt, Marks daughter on the notes as Mark was unable to compete. Unfortunately the gearbox could not be repaired in time so a standard road car gearbox was fitted so the team could compete. This also allowed Adrian to change classes to compete with similar cars. The rally was also the 1st round of the Britsh Rally Championship so had attracted the top drivers from the UK and Ireland, so the chance of a good overall result was doubtful. Seeded at car 59 the rally got of to a slow start when the 1st stage was cancelled before they could start due to several incidents blocking the stage.

So it was to stage 2 for the start of their rally and they were immediately on the pace being 2nd in class, 3 seconds behind the leader Darren Meadows in a Mitsubishi Evo and 4 seconds up on Greg Williams in a similar Subaru Impreza.

Off to stage 3 and Adrian set the same time as Meadows, whilst Williams lost a lot of time with an error. It was looking like it was going to be a big battle with Meadows but then Meadows lost some time on stage 4 and got a 10sec penalty for hitting a chicane, which now put Adrian and Lauren in the class lead.

Upping his game Adrian then started to take big chunks of time off Darren and take command of the class.

Starting the last stage and damaging the front bumper in the exit of the water splash which had cut up very badly, Adrian and Lauren were not amused to have the stage stopped when half way round due the event having run out of time. If that was the case then why were they allowed to start when the organisers new this was going to happen. They could have stopped anyone starting with 10 minutes to go, so that those on the stage could have at least completed it and avoided doing any damage to the car.

However Adrian and Lauren won the class finishing 48th O/A