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2020/09 - Abingdon Stages Rally (3 images) - created by Adge on 28/12/2020 at 16:50:45
With the pandemic affecting rallying through out the year it was great to actually have a rally that would run and with an entry in the team set of to Oxfordshire. Held at an airfield and with the car fully repaired after its last outing everybody was excited to get rallying again. Seeded at car 24 and with Mark Hewitt on the notes it was going to be a tough rally with a very strong entry including many R5's, lightweight specials and even Adrian's old S11 out in its new owners hands. It was good to have a picture of them side by side. With the weather dry and bright and all Covid 19 requirements in place Adrian and Mark set off to the 1st stage. A good run saw them 13th quickest on the 1st stage and with them setting consistently top 20 times, they finished 16 O/A. A good result considering the other cars out there and with some good battles with similar cars and the car running faultlessly a good days rallying. Adrian's old S11 although setting top 5 times unfortunately retired due to a gearbox oil pipe leak.