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2020/03 - Tilemaster Lee Holland Stages Rally (0 images) - created by Adge on 28/12/2020 at 16:46:09
Next rally for Team Adgespeed was the Tilemaster Lee Holland Stages at the Anglesey Race circuit. A round of the 2019-20 circuit rally championship and with Lauren Hewitt back on the notes they were hoping for a good result. Off to the 1st stage and it was cold and dry, but a too soft choice of tyres and a spilt radiator hose at the end of the stage was not a good start. With some harder tyres fitted and the 2nd stage saw some improvement in the times, but then it all started to go down hill with a couple of spins at a hairpin which cost lots of time on stages 3 and 4, but then to add insult to injury, whilst trying to pass a slower competitor who then stopped suddenly after hitting a gatepost, meant Adrian had nowhere to go and crashed into the back of the car resulting in major damage causing the team to retire on the spot. An extremely disappointing end to the rally.