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2014/08 - Tyneside Stages Rally (2 images) - created by Adge on 09/08/2014 at 15:56:19
Sunday 3rd August and team Adgespeed finally returned to the stages for the Tyneside Stages Rally on Otterburn in the North East of England the 5th Round of the Championship after a long lay off due to car problems encounted on the 1st round the Tour of Epynt. Whilst the engine was being rebuilt at TEGSport the team decided to make a few other changes to the car including new Reiger Suspension, a new Modena sequential gearbox with different ratio's, plated diff and controller. With delays caused bt lack of parts it was a big rush to get ready for the rally as the car was only finished midday on the saturday 2nd and then with a 4 hour drive meant that there would be no recce, fortunately Adrian and Mark know the area well and as this was the 1st rally back in the car since March and with a raft of changes having been made to the car, they decided to use the rally to shake the car down.

After it had rained all day Saturday the Sunday started sunny and dry, but with a threat of rain, so for the 1st loop of 3 stages Adrian took a safe option and went for a inter tyre is case the conditions changed and with being a little apprehensive as to how the car would handle and go, the 1st stage was a little off the pace as Adrian and Mark got used to to the car and the stages, confidence in the car began to grow and the team finished the 1st loop in 18th O/A

A change of tyres to slicks as the roads were now dry and after minor fettling in service and with confidence growing in the car Adrian and Mark set off for the 2nd loop, a repeat of the 1st loop and with a good run they improved up to 17th at the end of the 3 stages.

2 more stages followed for the next loop and a good run and another position was gained as they moved up to 16th. Stages 9 and 10 were a repeat of the previous 2 and with Adrian and Mark on a pace no improvements were made.

With only 4 stages remaining, making much further progress was looking doubtful and when Darren Atkinson had a big off at the end of stage 11, the rally was ended early after stage 12 as along with a few other hold ups through out the day time was running out. Fortunately both Darren and Phil were OK although their MK2 escort was rather 2nd hand.

In the end Adrian and Mark finished 15th O/A and 4th in class, but 11th O/A and 2nd in class for the championship, which was great result for the team after all the effort and rushing to get the car finished in time and with the car running faultlessly during the event after all the changes.

Now with a few jobs to sort out and some more mapping to see if a bit more power can be had, its off to the next round the Mewla on the 24th August on the Epynt ranges in Mid Wales