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2013/09 - Patriot Stages Rally (0 images) - created by Adge on 07/10/2013 at 13:25:31
September 29th was the penulimate round for the REIS Get-Connected Asphalt Rally Championship 2013. Held at the MOD base at Caerwent in South Wales, this was going to be a challenging event for Team Adgespeed of Adrian Spencer and Mark Hewitt as it is venue which they don't like due to the fact that there are no pace notes and a lot of kerbs to catch the unwary and with the car not in the best of health a cautious approach was needed.

Stage 1 a 11 miler Adrian and Mark set off at a cautious pace as they had decided that trying to beat Bob Fowden on his own turf would be a big challenge, they set out to beat all the other contenders in class B13. This didn't quite work out as at the end of the stage they were in 3rd place behind Bob Fowden and Chris Daykin, but there nearest challengers for the Championship Neil Arden and Giles Corbert were in 4th place 16 secs down. Stage 2 which was a repeat of stage 1 and they managed to extend their advantage over Neil Arden by another 11 seconds despite an overshoot at one of the many junctions and falling foul to one of the many kerbs which bent a front rim.

A good run on stage 3 and they had pulled back 3 seconds from Chris Daykin, so by the end of stage 3 Bob Fowden had pulled out a 30 second lead for the class and Adrian and Mark were still in 3rd, but only 12 seconds behind Chris Daykin.

Stage 4 and after only 1 mile of the 10 mile stage and Adrian had picked up a front left puncture and electing to try and carry on rather than changing the tyre to see if they could get to the end without dropping too much time which would have dropped them well down the class, however luck was on their side when after being past by the car behind and then caught by the car behind that, they had to stop in stage as a car in front had hit something which damaged the steering causing them to block the stage and forced the cars behind to stop. A sigh of relief as it meant that the times would be scrubbed and Adrian and Mark would not lose any time, a get out of jail free card if ever there was one.

For stage 5 a steady run to consolidate 3rd was required with no cuts in order to avoid any more punctures when disaster struck Chris Daykin, who broke a driveshaft losing them 50 seconds and dropping them to 3rd and moving Adrian and Mark up to 2nd.

A good steady run on the last stage 6 and it was objective received for Adrian and Mark as they finished 17th O/A and 2nd in class. With Neil Arden finishing 5th in class, Adrian and Mark have now won class B13 in the Championship with 1 round remaining as they are now cannot be beaten.

All in all a successful year for team Adgespeed of Adrian Spencer and Mark Hewitt in the REIS Get-Connected Asphalt Rally Championship 2013 having won class B13 and Adrian 8th in the drivers and Mark 2nd overall in the co-drivers championships. However this may change after the last round the Cheviot rally in 2 weeks. However team Adgespeed will not be going as they cannot be beaten in the class and the funds are being saved to put towards a major winter rebuild to get ready for next year.