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2013/08 - Tyneside Stages Rally (0 images) - created by Adge on 16/08/2013 at 02:23:07
Sunday the 11th August and the Team headed up to the Military ranges of Otterburn for the 5th Round of the 2013 REIS Get-Connected Asphalt Rally Championship.

The team of Adrian Spencer and mark Hewitt were hoping for a good result to boost their championship positions as they always go well over the ranges as it is Adrian favourite venue, although their poor seeding of 38th could be a hindrance seeing as last year they were seeded 8th and were 2nd O/A when forced to retire, but with this year having a strong entry a position in the low 20's would have been more appropriate.

As always tyres are important and so is getting a good start and with the weather dry, Adrian and Mark made short work of the 1st stage setting 9th quickest time, passing 2 cars and catching another 2 at the end of the stage which highlighted their poor seeding even more. For the next stage a short twisty and naggery one, the heavens opened causing them to lose 20 secs to the front runners who had all managed to get through the stage in the dry, which dropped them to 18th. Stage 3 was dry and another quick time which moved them up to 16th. That was the 1st loop of 3 stages completed and they returned to service.

With no problems and a refuel Adrian and Mark set off for the 2nd loop a repeat of the 1st 3stages, again with a couple of top ten stage times and they moved up to 11th o/a.

Back to service for quick check and refuel they went out on the next loop which consisted of 2 stages and with the bit between their teeth they moved into the top 10.

By the end of stage 10 and with the car running faultlessly they were still in 10th, however on stage 11 there were a couple of retirements which moved them up a couple of places such was the demands being put on the cars and with 1 stage to go and the next competitor catching them slowly, a big push was required for the last stage and so was the case when Adrian set the 7th quickest time, even when losing some time behind a slower car mid stage, to go 19 seconds faster than before.

This gave them a great result of 8th O/A, 2nd in class, but in the championship 7th O/A and 1st in class.

Adrian and Mark have now taken the B13 class lead and with Adrian 10th O/A in the drivers and Mark 5th O/A in the co-drivers championship, the rest of the season is looking up.

The team are now getting ready for the next round in 2 weeks, the Mewla rally.