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2011/08 - Mewla Rally (0 images) - created by Adge on 04/09/2011 at 14:44:00
Bad day at the office for Team Adgespeed crew of Adrian Spencer and Mark Hewitt on the latest round of the REIS MSA National Asphalt Rally Championship, held on the closed roads on the MOD property at Epynt in Mid Wales, their rally ended abruptly on stage 3 when the car left the road sustaining front suspension damage forcing them to retire.

Looking forward to the event now the new sequential gearbox has been fitted, the day started wet and very slippy, partly due to the new tarmac which had recently been laid. Adrian and Mark were quite cautious over the very wet stage 1 and 2 which comprised the first loop of stages, but had still improved to 17th O/A from there 21st starting position on returning to the first service.

With some tweeks to the suspension settings and with the rain having stopped, Adrian felt happier as the car now seem to have some grip and off into stage 3 they went. This stage was just under 20 miles and with the car now handling great Adrian pushed on, after about 8 miles they were catching the car in front when on a downhill tightening right hander on a newly resurfaced stretch of road, Adrian lost the back end and in fighting to regain control of the car, it left the road and crashed into a tree stump and rock hidden behind a fence in some bushes at the side of the road. Adrian reversed out and managed to get the car off the road after realising the damage was to great to continue.

On investigation Adrian spotted that the bottom arm had snapped rendering the car undriveable and retirement was the order of the day.

Trying to figure what had caused the crash, Adrian discovered some gravel on the corner which may have caused it, but it was probably a case of running out of talent and road.

Adrian hopes to get a better look at the accident when the crash will be shown on Motors TV on September 24th as of course he went off right in front of the TV crew. Adrian denies show boating ;-)

However you can see the incar footage of the crash below.

Team Adgespeed now have a couple of months to repair the car before they enter the last round of this years championship, the Cheviot in October